Saturday, January 21, 2006

Good EVE

Finally, EVE has come back to life.

The ongoing war with The Five, my lack of (ingame) money, my lack of was getting me down. A few weeks of training and I can fly a Hawk, which is perhaps the most fun I've ever had in EVE. It's fast, it's hard, it's not as powerful as its big brother the Harpy...but it'll do. It'll do until I can afford something better, anyway.

While EVE is coming back into focus, WoW is fading away. It was fun, for a while, but the continual grinding is boring, dull, monotonous, and a thousand similar terms. My Paladin is nearly level 40 (and gaining a mount will probably change things in WoW in the same way the Hawk did for EVE), but it's came to my attention that he's not the character I wanted him to be. A mid-range damage class, a mid-range healer and a mid-range tanker. Neither one nor t'other. Jack of all trades ad master of none, and all that. Frankly, it's boring. I have a lower level Warlock as well, but the games' novelty is wearing off.

Give me the stars anyday.

And on that note:

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