Wednesday, August 11, 2004

More Dawn of War crap

As much as I'm enjoying being immersed in the 40K universe (cue bitch fights with The Flatmate, who's adamant that the Warhammer Fantasy universe is where it's at) , the game grows dull, stuck, as I am with one level to play on.

I can see that Relic are aiming forthe online side of the game to be a large partof the experience - and I'm sure they'll take their practised arm to the single-player campaigns very well - but it seems to me that online games are just going to turn into power gaming fests, degenerating into either troop rushes, or stagnated, stalemated trawls through tech levels.

The bigger your army, the more likely you are to win; the bigger your army, the harder it is to control. A reflection of real life, perhaps, but an irritant in the context of this game. RTS games have never really been my bag, baby, so I guess that I would inevitaby fall out of love with Dawn of War. I just didn't expect the novelty to wear off so soon.

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