Sunday, January 22, 2006

PvP 4tw!

Last Thursday in EVE was my first real exposure to PvP. An organised StateCorp fleet, with Zwiss as fleet command, went roaming and got five kills. Not a lot, given that there where twelve of us, but enough to give myself and the other PvP noobs a sense of what's involved in decent fleet combat.

I say decent because one of the recurring themes in corp chat is the lack of good fleet commanders in the alliance. Last night I saw the difference between the two. Not that Kirin incapable, but the level of communication was far lower, and the rush to combat more impulsive and, ultimately, more destructive.

For the sake of getting on two kill mails last night (both for the same guy, funnily enough), I lost a Hawk and a Moa. Losing the Hawk was my own fault - an assault frigate and two interceptors taking on an inty, a missile boat and a droneboat was always going to be close - but I can't help feeling aggrieved about the Moa. It was easy to see who was jamming the fleet, but we all kept pounding on the wrong ship...ah well. The insurance money bought another Hawk, so it's off to 0.0 to try some ratting.

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