Sunday, May 09, 2010

Well hung

I am one of the 30 million UK residents who didn't vote. Admittedly, that number comes from here and doesn't take into account those below the voting age of 18 or insane or foreign or barred from voting for whatever reason. However it's worked out, only 29 million and change people voted in this election and I wasn't one of them.

There are reasons for this: the most important one is that my constituency is a safe SNP area. I knew this a week before polling day when I strolled around Perth city centre watching kids brandish SNP balloons while Conservative and LibDem party followers chatted amongst themselves rather than hand out leaflets or, god forbid, try and convince people that their party was the better option. I don't actually remember seeing any Labour party officials anywhere, which says a lot about their own campaign.

I don't like the SNP and I don't trust them. They may form the ruling party of the "Scottish Government" but that doesn't mean they're any more than the single issue party that they came from. They're short sighted, inexperienced and, ultimately, insane. They say that they have the best interest of Scotland at heart, but the main thrust of their party is that Scotland should be independent. Beyond that, they don't seem to have any ideas.

The Barnett Formula rules how much money Scotland receives from the UK Government. At the moment that's around 117% per capita of HM Funding as opposed to 97% in England. There's less of us, but we get more money from the Treasury. And Alex Salmond wants us to secede?

He's a fucking moron.

Let's secede then. Let's lose all that lovely funding for Scottish hospitals and the Welfare State. Let's let Scottish schools close. Let's let the UK Armed Forces move south because all of our men and women swore an oath to the Queen and have the self respect to keep that oath. Let's do what the SNP want us to do and fuck ourselves right in the arse with a poison tipped hedgehog.

Or, maybe, let's not.

I'm not going to pretend that I have any of the right answers. I'm just the guy on the street. But, at the end of the day, I'm also the guy who should be asking questions of my government, and so I have. I've emailed my local MP (who is of the SNP persuasion) asking him about how his party actually intends on running Scotland without the UK Treasury's yearly donation. I'm currently "Looking forward to his reply". Hopefully I'll be posting it soon...

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