Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Neptune's Pride Diary Day 5-6

Neptune's Pride

Things are beginning to move. After a day or two with no contact with my allies and with no movement on any scale, Day 6 sees things start to happen. Jon, the leader of the DBD had sent a fleet to the Sabik system but unfortunately for him my fleet was closer. By the time he arrived my forces had achieved defensive positions, boosting their combat prowess, and destroyed his ships easily. After some thought I decided to send a probing fleet towards his systems to see if I could scan out nearby fleets. This time Jon had a defensive fleet but his numbers were insufficient and the Segin system became mine, as did Dnoces.

The Dark Blue Danger must be destroyed. I am now moving to take his systems, with speed.

With the Light Blue Decadence and the Orange Entity now being controlled by AI usurpers, they are being slowly eaten up by the forces of Scooped and vee, which presents me with two extra large neighbours. Vee has the most largest empire in the 'verse already, with almost half the number of systems needed to claim total domination but seems to be only slowly moving westwards.

The Dark Red empire of Xen Star Monkey is also large, but seperated from me by the DBD and the Purple Peoples. They are also enroaching on vee's borders to the East. I can only hope they become embroiled in a border war, taking their attentions from me.

That leaves only the Purple Peoples, with whom I have had no contact. Their expansion has been slow and they are obviously preparing to defend their systems to the last... I wonder if they'll make a move towards my outlying systems while I prosecute this war against the DBD?

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Ovno said...

o/ mate

Been playing this too, loving it so far.

Keep the blogs up, I'd been considering doing one myself but i don't want to give too much of my strategy away yet...

We'll have to get an rpsh game going once we've all finished our starting games :)