Thursday, January 21, 2010

Neptune's Diary Day 7

It's just before production cycle 7 starts. A full galactic week ingame and things are really beginning to move. The three AI controlled empires are in the process of falling - the light blues down to 5 stars, the oranges surrounded by vee's reds, and the purples massing ships on my border.

Down in my southwest is where the game is at it's most interesting. And by interesting I mean potentially deadly.

NPDiary 7

As you can see, there's a yellow peninsula being surrounded by vee's Reds and Scooped's green forces, in his fight with the AI controled LBD. To the south are the worlds of the AI orange empire, so far left alone by vee, who's been creating staging points on my borders.

To the north, Xen's Dark Reds have started taking worlds from Jon's Dark Blues. I've already taken some from him, but since the purples switched to AI control they have become more adventuresome. I'm hoping they'll provide a softer target for me, although they do have large fleets defending the border worlds.

In the meantime I am slowly capturing the last few free stars to the very north. Vee is still overall leader, but I control only three fewer stars. Since he's not moving to take orange stars, I can only assume he's decided top get ready early for an attempted conquest of my space. We'll see about that...

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