Friday, June 19, 2009

Memories, absent friends and avatars

I've never, it must be said, been a constant blogger,as can be seen from the archives of this blog, recently and accidentally rediscovered after four years in the wilderness. However I have had the hankering to write now and again in my life, most notably (in my own mind) on ye olde State forum/website/webzine. Ooh, there's a memory.

Where do internet people go when forums die? There's names and fac... well, not faces I guess, but names that pop up on sites here and there and instantly the thought occurs: "Is that wossname from that old forum? Is that thingyummybob from that old IRC room?"


Or it could be that person who had a discussion with you about ISS and FIFA six or seven years ago. Or it could be another internet person with the same handle. That's the problem with anonymity. That's the important thing about it.

I often wonder if the day will come in my lifetime when my own preferred internet psuedonym becomes a bigger part of my RL identity. Perhaps it would be more likely if I were an internet superstar, but then I find that a lot of internet superstars end up using their real names anyway.

But anyway, writing. I intend to throw some words at this blog in the form of short stories. I shall see what sticks and what falls off before I can reach the "Publish post" button. It's time I started to use this five year old blog for what it has always been primarily designed for: self indulgence on a potentially worldwide scale. Yay for me.

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