Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Moving On

I came back into EVE last November, with six months training time wasted, and a whole lot of experiences missed. My corp had grown and advanced, and guys who started playing after me were now multi-millionaires, doing their own thing for God and glory.

I'd missed so much...even before I'd never really seen one thing in EVE that I wanted to do. By that I mean I didn't want to be an industrialist, I didn't want to a trader or a miner or a fighter. I just wanted to play along and see how things went. Now things are changing again: StateCorp is moving again, almost halfway across the world map. This new area is ripe with prospects - the mining may not be as good, the fighting may not be as hard, but all in all we have a chance to make our own space now, big fishes in a little alliance, as opposed to tadpoles in the Forsaken Empire.

But I'm stuck with an empty wallet, my own overriding ignorance and stupidity (the one that always leads to me losing ships I can't afford to lose) and one ship. Lose this and it's pretty much all over for M Piquet.

I guess it's bite the bullet time.

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